All Porsche 911 derivatives explained in less than 5 minutes

October 31st, 2018 by

Video: All Porsche 911 derivatives are explained in this wonderful video.

There are currently 24 different Porsche 911 derivatives available. Watch our video to find more about all derivatives and the differences between them.

The Porsche 911, a timeless machine, (pronounced Nine Eleven or in German: Neunelfer) is Porsche’s iconic two-door 2+2 high performance rear-engined sports car made since 1963. The 911 series is one of the worlds most recognizable names, and body styles. The Porsche 911 was originally designed as a compact sports car for daily use due to the 911’s a combination of racing and touring styles, speed and luxury. Porsche created a series of body types, drive layouts, and engine options for different drivers.

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